Chanel – Santa Ana, CA

“We fostered an almost 2-year-old German Shepherd female, Chanel, in August 2015 with the intentions to adopt her. She was friendly to every person she met with the exception of animals. With little history on her past we were hopeful that after our adoption was complete the VETCBD would help with her anxiety towards any animal she saw.

The best way to explain what we experienced was that if you were walking or driving in a car and she saw an animal she would lunge, growl, and aggressively bark with teeth showing, clawing with her feet at the window of the car and anything else in her way. # Best Selling CBD Edibles from JustCBDAs you walked her on a leash she was very aggressive with every dog she encountered. It was scary to endure these adventures but knew with help we could make progress.

The VETCBD has definitely helped calm her anxiety and we are hopeful with continued use we will experience a complete change with her as she experiences her new world in her forever home with us.”

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